About My Blessing In Disguise

The year was 1995 and the month was June...

My 8-year old son, his mother and myself lived in a wonderful
Southern CA neighborhood.  As a General Contractor, I was
purchasing/refurbishing a home across from a friendly neighbor
who was minimally disabled.  Well, on this particular summer
morning, before performing a small job for him, we were on our
way to purchase a few building supplies I would need.

Well according to police reports of this particular incident, while on our way to the store, he was driving eastbound (adjacent to the on-coming freeway [westbound] traffic) when the road curved southeast, or toward the oncoming traffic. I assume he over-accelerated, drove up and over a curb, through a chain-linked fence, up a 10'-15' freeway embankment which actually launched us into opposing traffic. Upon our collision with this other vehicle in the number 2-lane, it was estimated that our speed upon impact was 175 mph.

Well the result of this collision was just horrific; four dead upon impact and two survivors...myself and one other victim from the opposing vehicle who survived merely hours longer. Since the other survivor was easier to be removed from the wreckage than I was, they were rushed to the ER via ambulance while rescuers used the jaws-of-life to pry me free.  But because this type of rescue would require such critical time, a helicopter would be required to help make up for the time lost.

Upon arrival to the ER, it was noted that I had suffered severe head trauma which had led to cardiac arrest as well as asphyxiation.  So immediately, I was rushed into the ER where I was found to have suffered great internal damage as well, secondary to my traumatic brain injury of course, which I am likely to suffer throughout my life.  In any event, from the internal bleeding, Dr.'s found that I had sustained a lacerated spleen, lacerated liver, punctured/collapsed lung, separated pelvis from my spinal column and of the most critical, damage to my brain-stem.

Well, after Dr.'s had performed countless miracles throughout that day and well into the night, family and friends all gathered together and prayed that I survive these surgeries Dr.'s said were merely likely to preserve my life for no more than 24 hours...well prayers were answered and amazingly, Dr.'s raised their expectations to 48 hours...again, in the lobby, prayers continued. When 48 hours came to pass, their prognosis was that if I were to somehow survive beyond 72 hours, it was very likely I would remain in a vegetative state for the rest of my life....
Well that was simply not quite part of His Master Plan! For just 4-months later, after family and friends continued praying together nightly for my survival (at the exact same time each and every night), I slowly  began to try to communicate with family that had never left my bedside.

Now at first, my brain had suffered such severe damage that I had to slowly learn to communicate in other ways beside the use of my voice, i.e., blinking my eyes.  After all, my entire body was completely paralyzed from head to toes (quadriplegia), but my eye muscles were the only muscles in my body that I had any control over, so that was the start!  My... how reciting this bit of my medical history brings back to me some not-so-bright days of my life over the past 15 years (as of June 24, 2010).  Oh yes, lest I forget the Very Brightest part of this story; MY BLESSING IN DISGUISE...
Miraculously, just three weeks following this accident, my younger son was born (he is seated in my lap in our family photo).  Over the past 15 years, along with his brother, he has played a huge role in my recovery, but little does he know how close he actually came to being fatherless.

At any rate, God-willing, if I am able to resume the life I once enjoyed so much as I helped the disabled, I will owe a great deal of gratitude to God of course, as well as those of you who may be willing to contribute the least amount you can afford to help me locate and help those in need of my services; and giving me yet another reason to live.  In any case, I Thank-You so very much for your time and your Sincere Consideration!

*Please do me a favor and share this article with all those who may be in need of my services.    Thanks!


Ronald Gasca