Sunday, December 26, 2010


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Mission: To Design/Build and Modify Homes for the Aging & Disabled through the Provision of Accessible/Safety Modifications. These Accommodations will Allow for those we Love to remain Living Safely within the Comfort of Their Home. Of course, Knowing exactly how Each Disability is as Unique as the Individual themselves, Personally I have found that the most Overlooked Features most able-bodied persons Take for Granted are the Needs for:

Home-entrance Access (I.e., Ramps, Automated Door-openers)
Interior Passage/Doorways
Bathroom Accessibility
(I.e., accessible Toilets, Baths/Showers, Grab Bars, accessible Plumbing Features)
Accessible Bedrooms Closets
Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry
Lighting/Power and Computerized Automation well as Any Other Accommodations one might Need to Accommodate their Specific Needs.

Although Life often Changes in ways that are Far Beyond our Control, we have No Other Alternatives but to Alter our Living Conditions in order Accommodate our Personal Needs. Therefore, if You yourself, an Elderly Loved one or simply an Acquaintance may have Unfortunately Fallen upon these Difficult Circumstances, Please Contact me and we can Discuss an Evaluation of your Personal Needs.

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